County Wexford

The Vikings named it Veisafjǫrðr, meaning “Inlet of the mud flats”,
Motto: Exemplar Hiberniae “An example to Ireland” or ‘sampla na hÉireann’

These are some of the most significant landmarks, buildings and monuments in County Wexford

One of the best preserved and much over-looked medieval towns in Ireland

Clonmines, Bannow Bay. County Wexford        14th - 16th centuries Clonmines probably began it's life as a Norman settlement established by William Marshall in the 13th century as an alternative port to New [...]

Once converted into 3 tenements

Slade Castle, Slade Village. County Wexford   1470 Slade Castle was was built by the Laffin family in the late 1400s. The Laffins were among the first wave of Anglo-Norman colonists to arrive in Ireland after [...]

A round tower attached to a church & home of Diarmuid McMorrow

The Round Tower of St Mary's Abbey is located in Ferns. co. Wexford. It dates from the c.12th and stands 60 feet high. The first church at this location was founded in the 7th century [...]

Beautiful 18th century engineering in a local style

Scarawalsh Bridge was built in 1795 and is a well known landmark located between Enniscorthy and Ferns in co. Wexford. This 6 arch humpback road bridge spans the river Slaney and is located in the townland [...]

The oldest operational lighthouse in the World

Hook Head Lighthouse, Hook Head. County Wexford        c. 1200 Hook Head Lighthouse is a national monument and is located on the tip of Hook Head in county Wexford. It is recognised as the oldest operational [...]

Crusades, Norman warriors and betrayal

Templar's Church is located in Templetown, co.Wexford and dates from 1310. It received its name from the Knights Templar, a brotherhood of monastic Norman warriors who originated during the crusades. After the Norman invasion of [...]

‘Claims’ to be the most haunted house in Ireland – don’t look back!!!

Loftus Hall is located on Hook Head in co.Wexford. This was originally the site of a castle built by a family called Redmonds in 1350. It later 'fell into the hands' of the Loftus family [...]

William Marshall, A great storm & One of the richest Cistercian Abbeys in Ireland

Tintern Abbey, Saltmills. County Wexford         1200 The beautiful Tintern Abbey was founded in 1200 by William Marshall, the 1st Earl of Pembroke. Marshal had set sail for Ireland on his first visit as Lord of [...]

The oldest operational lighthouse in the World

This national monument is Hook Head Lighthouse. It is located on Hook Head in co.Wexford and is recognised as the oldest operational lighthouse in the World. Tradition states that Dubhán, a missionary monk, may have [...]

A beautifully restored cottage, Mary McAleese & a historic village

St. Mogue’s Cottage, Ferns. County Wexford    1790 The beautiful St. Mogue’s Cottage is located on the grounds of St Edan's Cathedral in Ferns. It largely dates from the 18th century and was originally used for [...]

Designed by Augustus Welby Pugin – the foremost British architect of the 19th century

St Alphonsus' Church is located in Barntown in county Wexford. It was built in 1851 to the designs of Augustus Welby Pugin- the foremost British architect of the 19th century. He was also an extraordinarily [...]

The Clayton-Browne nonsense & The only internally accessible Corinthian column in the World

Browne-Clayton Monument is located in county Wexford. It was built between 1839 - 41 and stands over 94 ft high on Carrigadaggan Hill. It is the only internally accessible Corinthian column in the World and [...]

One of the longest abbeys in Ireland, a hedge maze & Strongbow’s uncle

Dunbrody Abbey is located in Campile in county Wexford. It was founded 1170 on the grounds of a former Cistercian monastery under the instructions of Herve de Montmorency. Montmorency was Strongbow's uncle and when completed [...]

The birthplace of Patrick Kennedy – JFK’s Grandfather

This small cottage in Dunganstown in county Wexford is the birthplace of JFK's great grandfather Patrick Kennedy(b.1823 – 1858). By the time Patrick reached adulthood, both his parents were dead and the family homestead was controlled [...]

Fought over by Normans, Gaelic, English, Protestants, Catholics and a few ghosts

Enniscorthy Castle, Enniscorthy. County Wexford    1190 Enniscorthy Castle has had a turbulent history and was fought over by the Normans, the English and the Irish. It was built in 1190 by the Norman De Prendergast [...]

Designed by Augustus Welby Pugin – master architect of the 19th century

St Aidan's Cathedral was designed by the famous Victorian architect Austus Welby Pugin (1812 – 1852). Pugin is remembered for his pioneering role in the Gothic Revival style and was an extraordinarily gifted artist who [...]

Once considered to be one of the finest Norman castles in Ireland

Ferns Castle, Ferns. County Wexford           1220 Ferns castle is considered to be one of the finest examples of an Anglo-Norman fortress in Ireland. This was originally the stronghold of Diarmaid Mc Murrough (1110 – 1171). [...]

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