Narrow Water Castle is located in Warrenpoint. co.Down and dates from c.1560. It is regarded as one of the best preserved 16th-century tower houses in Ireland. This was originally the strategic site of a keep built by Hugh de Lacy in 1212 to prevent river-borne attacks on Newry from Carlingford Lough. The tower house and bawn were built in the 1560’s and belonged to the Magennis family up until 1670 when it was sold to the Hall family who owned it until 1956. Over the years it has been used for many purposes including a family home, a saltworks (1744 – 1819) and even a kennel (1844). This important stronghold on the border between Northern Ireland and The Republic has made it a target of attack right up until recent times. On 27 August 1979, 18 British Army soldiers were killed here by a Provisional IRA ambush and was the greatest single loss of life for the British Army during The Troubles.