Skreen Church. Hill of Skryne. co. Meath – 1341

skreenSkreeen Church is a national monument which stands on an elevated position on The Hill of Skryne. It was built in 1341 on the site of an earlier church which had a shrine dedicated to St Columba. The shrine had the word ‘Scrinium’ which also means ‘shrine’ in Latin, hence the name. The original structure had a nave and chancel and the big square tower was added in the 15th century for defensive purposes. Inside the tower are the fragments of a baptismal font and a tomb slab and to the north east of the church stands a medieval cross. The great thing about this site is that you can enjoy a pint across the road in the famous ‘O’Connells Pub’.This lovely traditional pub was used in the Christmas Guinness advertisement.


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