Ireland’s Islamic Headquarters

This is The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI) is located in Clonskea, South Dublin next to University College Dublin. It was designed by the Irish architect firm, Michael Collins & Associates. The layout is based on a square divided into nine smaller squares, with the mosque placed in the centre. It was funded by the al-Maktoum Foundation of Dubai and has a Sunni orientation. It was officially opened in 1996 by President Mary Robinson and Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum. It is located next to University College Dublin. The mosque and cultural center include the main prayer hall, a restaurant, a library, meeting rooms, laundry facilities, ten apartments, administrative offices, and recently a shop. A primary school is also located on the premises. The centre housed the headquarters of the International Association of Muslim Scholars (later International Union of Muslim Scholars) before it moved to Qatar.