the ancient starting point for pilgrims to climb Croagh PatrickĀ 

Murrisk Abbey in County Mayo was founded 1456 by the Augustinian Friars on the site of a former church reputedly founded by St Patrick. It is located near the foot of Croagh Patrick and has views overlooking Clew Bay. It became the preferred starting point for pilgrimages up the mountain. The building has a beautiful east window with carved human heads on the wall outside. The south wall is crowned with unusual battlements and a number of windows. The friars were driven out in the late 16th century after King Henry VIII’s Reformation and very little is known about their circumstances. n Murrisk Abbey finally ceased to function around 1800. Many of the most prominent Catholic and Protestant families of the area are buried here including the O’Malleys, The Garveys, and The MacDonnells. The Abbey is now a national monument and is under state supervision.