a blue mid-American styled church & a top wedding location

Our Lady of the Wayside Church is located in Kilternan in south county Dublin. This beautiful little building is locally known as the Blue Church after it’s Marian colour. It was built in 1929 entirely out of timber and is similar in style to churches found in mid-America. It has a seating capacity for only 150 people and is one of the most popular choices as a Dublin wedding venue with more than 2,000 being recorded so far. One of the more famous weddings in recent years was Olympic gold medalist Ronnie Delaney who is also is a member of the local congregation. Our Lady of the Wayside is the patron saint of travelers and her feast day is celebrated on the 24th of May. Kilternan means Church of Tiarnain in Irish and is also one of only a handful of villages in Ireland that doesn’t have a main street.