The Parknasilla Resort & Spa is located on the Ring of Kerry. This stunning location at the mouth of the Kenmare River is surrounded by both tropical and indigenous vegetation and has some of the best seascapes and mountain views that Ireland has to offer. This location is also steeped in mythology. According to the great Irish text Lebor Gabala, Noah’s granddaughter; Cessair, after being refused entry into ‘the Ark’ chose to travel to Ireland where she landed at the mouth of The Kenmare River! Tradition also says that the ancient Milesian tribe also arrived at this point. After the Cromwellian rebellion of 1650, many Gaelic leaders including the Sullivan Mor lost their lands after being defeated. These lands passed into the hands of Sir William Petty and were eventually acquired by Nathaniel Bland in 1731. The estate was then known as Derryquin Estate and had a castle that was later burnt to the ground in 1921 during Ireland’s civil war. The Blands built a family home which they named Parknasilla House (David Cameroon, the ex-British prime minister is related to them). In the 1860s it was leased to Bishop Charles Graves whose son Alfred and grandson Robert became famous poets and writers. In 1895 it began trading as a hotel known as ‘The Bishop’s House’ and soon demand was so great that Graves commissioned the eminent architect James Franklin Fuller to enlarge the building. Fuller also designed Ashford Castle in County Mayo and Farmleigh in Dublin and included modern facilities such as Turkish baths, games rooms, and bathrooms on every level into the new cutting edge hotel. The hotel has since had many makeovers and lots of famous people have stayed here over the years. These include Prince Rainer, Princess Grace of Monaco, Charles De Gaulle, George Bernard Shaw, and even Charles J. Haughey, (a man of great and expensive tastes!) considered this to be his favorite hotel in the world.