The beautiful Torc Waterfall is located in the middle of an ancient oak forest in Killarney’s National Park. You can hike but the best fun is by horse & cart from Muckross House which is about 3 km away. On the way, the views across the lakes are spectacular. The waterfall is some 70 feet high and is fed by the Owengarriff river. This river rises in a place that is locally known as ‘The Devil’s Punchbowl’ on the nearby Mangerton mountain. The word Torc comes from the Irish translation for a ‘wild boar’ and has 2 legends associated with it. The first is of a man who was cursed by the devil and was transformed into a wild boar every night. When the secret was revealed by a local farmer, the man burst into flames and disappeared into The Devil’s Punchbowl where the river emerged to hide the entrance to his cave behind the waterfall. The second tells the story of how the legendary Irish warrior, Fionn MacCumhaill, killed a magical boar on Torc mountain with his golden spear! Back in reality – The geology if this area is also interesting as the river flows over the Muckross to Millstreet Fault Line. The top of this mountain is 400 million-year-old Devonian Old Red Sandstone, however, the base around Muckross Lake is about 100 million years younger consisting of carboniferous limestone. At some stage, after the limestone was deposited, a period of tectonic-plate collision occurred and the land under Torc Mountain was lifted 3,000 meters, re-exposing the underlying older sandstone.