One of the largest stone circles in southwest Ireland 

This stone circle is located 5 minutes walk from the center of Kenmare town. It is locally known as the ‘The Shrubberies’ and is one of the largest stone circles in southwest Ireland. It dates from the bronze age and its function is unclear but it was probably used for some sort of ritual, ceremonial or burial purposes as many of the stones are found to be orientated to solar or lunar events. The circle has 15 large stones on the perimeter and a large central dolmen in the center measuring 2 m x 1.8 m. This burial dolmen is probably much older than the stone circle and this type of building formation is unique to this area and only one other exists. All stone circles would have originally had beautiful vistas off to the distant mountains, this one is now overly manicured and encircled by a line of pine trees. There is also a ‘fairy tree’ on-site to wish away your bad omens!