One of Ireland’s most iconic and beautiful buildings

The Gallarus Oratory is one of Ireland’s most iconic buildings due to it’s a simple and stunning shape that has been compared to that of an upturned boat. Every stone in its construction has been carefully cut and smoothly finished thus allowing rainwater to run off. This high level of craftsmanship has allowed this building to withstand the Irish elements in near perfect shape for well over 1000 years!  The interior room is approx. 4.8 m (15 ft) by 3 m (10 ft), which suggests a size that befits more an oratory than a church. It is dimly lit, with only a tiny round-headed window in the east wall, opposite the entrance door. It has been suggested that ‘Gall Aras’ translates to mean ‘The house or shelter for foreigners (or pilgrims) by archaeologist Peter Harbison. Its date of construction is unknown and may lie anywhere between the 6th and 12th centuries. According to local legend, if a person climbs out of the oratory via the window, their soul will be cleansed.