The oldest church structure in Derry

This is St Brecan’s Church located in St Columb’s Park was described as ‘the oldest building in Derry’. It was commissioned by Redmond O’Gallagher – The Bishop of Derry, around 1600. Recently however, a base of a Round Tower was ‘discovered’ in plain view in the grounds of Lumeni College (formerly St. Columb’s College) which dates back to the 10th century! The church is named after St Brecan who was an early  missionary bishop from the west of Ireland and was possibly the son of a king from Munster. He established a church on the Aran Islands before moving north. He was reputed to have written down prophesies about future wars and the coming of foreigners from England. He was reputedly well travelled and well educated in European affairs and is also known as the Bishop of Ardbraccan in Donegal. St Brecan has 2 feast days, celebrated on the 1st of May and also on the 6th of December.