This national monument is the impressive Dunsoghly Castle located only about 2 miles from the runway of Dublin Airport. It is one of the few 15th century fortified tower houses in Ireland to have survived intact. It consists of a central 4 story block and square corner towers. It was built by Sir Thomas Plunkett whose family held the titles ‘Barons of Kileen’ and the ‘Earls of Fingal’. They were one of the few premier Catholic peers of Ireland. The 15th century wooden roof is also one of the last in the country to survive probably due to fact that the castle was occupied by the same family up until the 1870’s. It’s building techniques have been copied as a model for the modern reconstruction for Rothe House, Kilkenny Castle and Bunratty Castle. There is a small chapel beside the castle dated to 1573. Above it’s doorway are interesting stone carvings representing the ‘Instruments of the Passion’. (please note that is located on private land).

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