A round tower built for love – not long ago though!

This is the Round Tower in Portrane in North County Dublin. Many of the Round Towers in the Fingal region date back to the Viking era with the likes of Lusk and St Columba’s tower in Swords which are regarded as two of the finest in the country. The Round Tower at Portrane, however, situated in the grounds of St Ita’s Hospital, is only 170 years old. This 19th-century imitation was built as a memorial to George Evans who was the local MP for Dublin County 1832–41 and the last family member to live in Portrane House. The tower was erected in 1844 by Sophie Evans in memory of her husband and it once included a bust of him which was later taken to Oxford University. Sophie was a relation of Charles Stewart Parnell and so it remains a striking token of a woman’s love for her husband. If you look closely you will see it has a concrete base and the proportions of the cap, the arched doorways, and the windows are too large as compared to an original – still however…good effort!