One of Ireland’s great historical houses & a geologically rich landscape

Florence Court located near Enniskillen was the former home of ‘The Earls of Enniskillene’ and is regarded as one of the great houses of Ireland. It was built in 1755 and is a fascinating example of Irish Palladian architecture. It was built by John Cole and named after his wife, Florence Wrey. It’s exceptional rococo plasterwork dates from 1755 and is believed to be in the style of Robert West, Dublin’s leading 18th-century stuccodor. The house also contains some of Ireland’s finest 18th-century furniture including a 1730 Irish writing cabinet and an unusual 18th-century bed. During the 1950s and 60’s a series of events and bad luck ended the house staying in the family of the Earls of Enniskillene. Following World War II falling agricultural prices, rising wage costs, death duties, and a drastic reduction of the size of the demesne forced the estate to be sold to the National Trust in 1953. Shortly after a devastating fire gutted most of the house in 1955. This was followed by a number of deaths in the family and Hurricane Debbie destroying much of the estate in 1961. The house has however been lovingly restored to its former glory by the National Trust so it’s stunning parklands can be enjoyed by the public.