One of Ireland’s finest Benedictine Abbeys & The 7 wonders of Fore

The beautiful Fore Abbey is located in Fore, co. Westmeath. It was founded in 1180 by the Norman, Hugh de Lacy, and is one of the best-preserved Benedictine Abbeys in Ireland. The original church on this site was founded 500 years earlier by St. Féichín in or around 630 a.d and the small monastic site quickly grew in size and importance and even received many mentions in the Annals of Ireland. There is also a fine c.11th church located on the slopes beside the abbey called St. Féichín’s Church. Fore is also famous for the ‘Seven Wonders of Fore: The Anchorite in a stone, The water that will not boil, The monastery built on a bog, The mill without a millstream, The water that flows uphill, The tree which will not burn and The stone lintel raised by the saint’s prayers.