Paranoid dreams of killer monks, Benedictines and Yew trees

Hore Abbey is located in a beautiful setting underneath in a field under the watchful eye of the Rock of Cashel in co. Tipperary. It was founded in 1266 by the Benedictine’s but it was soon transferred to the ownership of the Cistercians after David McCarvill, the Archbishop of Cashel had a ‘paranoid’ dream that the Benedictine monks were about to kill him! This was the last of 35 Cistercian monasteries founded in Ireland.  It was Dissolved in 1540 after the Reformation and the property transferred to James Butler, 9th Earl of Ormond, and later to Sir Henry Radcliffe. The word ‘hore’ is thought to derive from the word ‘iubhair’ for a yew tree.