A tranquil location, A Saint & Ancient prayers for the local farmers

St Moling’s Well is located in the townland of Mullennakill in county Kilkenny. St Molin was a 7th century saint who worked under St Brendan. This beautiful woodland location over looking the River Arigle is said to be the site of his baptism. After his conversion to Christianity he lived for a while in in a nearby cave where he built a small church. He then was responsible for a number of remarkable achievements including the construction of Saint Mullins monastery in Carlow, making a copy of the Gospels on a metal work shrine (which can be seen in Dublin’s National Museum of Ireland and he was reputed to convinced the local King of Leinster to renounce the crippling cattle tax which he had levied on the men of Leinster. This type of tribute collection had long been a tradition in Ireland and so lead to extreme poverty. This act is still remembered locally as prayers are still said for the people making their living off the land.