One of the most spectacular dolmens in Ireland

This National Monument is the impressive Kilmogue or ‘Harristown’ Dolmen. It was constructed between c.3000-4000 BC and is located near the village of Mullinvat in co. Kilkenny. Its capstone has been estimated to weigh over 80 tonnes making it one of the largest and without doubt one of the most spectacular in Ireland. Its name ‘Kilmogue’ derives from ‘Mog’s Church’ which probably refers to the Celtic deity Mogons which was a Celtic god worshiped in Roman Britain and Gaul with powers associated with mountains and power. These portal tombs were however built thousands of years before Celtic culture even reached Ireland however the ‘new arrivals’ probably adopted ancient monuments for their own gods. There is also a standing stone in the field nearby and a babbling brook to add to the ambiance.