The Pope, one million people & Ireland’s baby boom

The Papal Cross is located in Phoenix Park in Dublin City. It is a simple white cross made of steel that stands 116 feet high. It was erected for the Papal visit of Pope John Paul II on the 29th of September 1979. On this day, Pope John Paul II delivered an open-air sermon to more than 1.25 million people. When Pope John Paul II died in Rome on the 2nd April 2005, at the age of 84 years, a memorial service was held soon afterwards at this site. David McWilliams (Ireland’s leading and most popular economist) reported that The Republic of Ireland baby boom happened on the third weekend of June of 1980. This was nine months to the day after the Pope kissed the tarmac… Now, these 40+-year-old somethings are ‘coined’ as The Pope’s Children.