The oldest monument within Dublin City 

The Knockmaree Dolmen dates from approx 1700BC-2500BC and is probably the oldest monument to survive in Dublin City. It is also possibly the smallest ‘dolmen’ type structure in Ireland. It is located beside Knockmary Lodge in Phoenix Park and is also known as the Linkardstown Tomb. Although sometimes described as a dolmen, these stones are actually the remains of a ‘cist’ type burial chamber. Only 15 of these particular types of burial tombs have ever been excavated in Ireland, and most of them are found on the south and east coast. This one was discovered in 1838 when workmen employed by ‘The Commissioners of Woods and Forests’ were asked to remove an ancient tumulus which measured an impressive 15 feet in height and was an impressive 120 feet in circumference. Inside, 4 small stone cists were found that contained urns of baked clay, food vessels, and pieces of burnt bone. The remaining stones you see were at the very center of the mound and no passageway led to them. Its capstone looks to be worn by water and is believed to have come from the nearby River Liffey. The remains of two almost complete male skeletons were found in crouched positions and analysis showed they were approx 40 & 50 years old. Alongside these bodies were grave goods including a flint knife, shell necklaces, and a bone toggle.