Residence of the US Ambassador to Ireland, 1776 & JFK

The US Ambassador’s Residence (Deerfield) is located in Phoenix Park in Dublin City. It was built in 1776 for Sir John Blaquiere, the Chief Secretary for Ireland which was akin to being the Prime Minister. From then on this was the residence of 69 Chief Secretaries between 1776 up until 1922 when Ireland gained its independence. After 1922 the USA was quick to recognize and establish diplomatic relations with the new Irish Free State and was offered this building as a residence for its Ambassador. It was appropriately coincidental that this building was built in 1776, the same year that The United States declared its own Independence. This amazing property has many rooms including a ballroom and a library. The grounds include 62 acres of lawn, orchards and gardens, 3 cottages, and a gate lodge. In the 1970s the building was given the name Deerfield by the wife of the then United States ambassador on account of the number of deer who roam in the open parkland around the mansion. It has been periodically suggested that the building should become the residence of the Taoiseach. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton all stayed here during their Irish visits.