The Anna Livia sculpture was originally located on O’Connell Street but was removed in 2001 to make room for the Dublin Spire. She was then ‘cleaned up and scrubbed’ and relocated to the Croppies Memorial Park in 2011. Anna Livia is the personification of the River Liffey and means ‘River of Life’ in Irish so the sculpture interprets the river as a young woman sitting on a slope with water flowing past her. It was designed by the sculptor √Čamonn O’Doherty,and commissioned by businessman Michael Smurfit, in memory of his father for the 1988 Dublin’s Millennium Celebrations. Anna Livia Plurabelle is also the name of a character in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake who also embodies the river. When it was located on O’Connell Street it was often filled with rubbish and ‘fairy liquid’ and became infamously nicknamed ‘The Floozie in the Jacuzzi’!

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