Slade castle (1470) is located in the picturesque fishing village of Slade on the Hook Peninsula in Co. Wexford. The original castle here was built by the Laffin family in the late 1400s. The Laffins were among the first wave of Anglo-Norman colonists who came to Ireland after the invasion of 1169 and managed to hold onto it until the 1641 Rebellion. After this, it was used for storage until the 19th century, when it was recorded that the castle was converted into ‘tenements’ for 3 families. This conversion involved the addition of new windows, doors and external stairs and each of the tenants paid 5 five shillings rent per year. When the castle was taken over by the Office of Public Works in the 1940s most of these alterations were removed. The castle is now beautifully preserved and still has many features including vaulted ceilings, a machicolation, a living room, a garderobe (toilet), and even a murder hole!