One of Ireland’s finest 5* golf estates, Normans & a gift to a wife

Mount Juliet is located near the beautiful village of Thomastown in county Kilkenny. It was built in 1757 by the Earl of Carrick in compliment to his wife, Lady Juliana (Juliet). This estate has very strong Norman associations and in particular with the great Butler family. This was originally two separate estates called Walton’s Grove and Ballylinch. The Waltons were the owners until 1653 when they were dispossessed by Oliver Cromwell. It later fell into the hands of King James II. It was then sold to a Mr. Sweet, followed by a Mr. Kendal who changed its name to ‘Kendal’s Grove’ in 1719. Mr. Kendal left the entire property to the local Rev. Bushe who retrieved an important portfolio for him after being ‘mugged’ by a highway! Rev. Bushe was wildly extravagant, ran up enormous debts, and eventually sold the estate to his neighbor, the Earl of Carrick. It remained in this family from the 1750s until 1914 when the present Earl sold the estate to the McCalmont family who lived here until quite recently. It is now a 5-star hotel and is one of the finest golf estates in Ireland.