The Ballykeel Dolmen, Camlouth. County Armagh     c. 3500 b.c – 2500 b.c

This is a classic example of a tripod portal tomb or dolmen and is locally known as ‘The Hag’s Chair’. When excavated in 1963, plain and decorated neo lithic pottery were found alongside flint stones and a cist type burial. The cap-stone is over 9 feet long and has a notch carved into it which is similar to others found in the north of Ireland. It was also surrounded by a huge cairn of stones which measured 90 feet long X 30 feet wide which is quite unusual. Most of this cairn has disappeared however 2 parallel lines of carefully set stones are still visible which define the edges. It has been classified as a State Care Neolithic Monument and is the only portal tomb in Northern Ireland that has been re-erected. This ancient area in south Armagh is known as ‘The Ring of Gullion’. It contains many ancient tombs and has recently been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty.