Doon Fort is an ancient ring fort hidden away on Doon Lough near the coastal village of Portnoo. It was built as a place of refuge 1500 years ago and it’s walls stand 4.8m high and are 3.6m thick. The fort covers most of the island which was partially constructed with the use of large stones like a crannog, while the walls were built of smaller hand size stones. As well as ‘Doon Fort’ it is sometimes called ‘The Bawan’ or ‘The O’Boyle Fort’ as it became their stronghold in the 16th century. It was also the scene of the murder of Conor O’Boyle in 1530 who was slain by a rival O’Boyle family member! It’s construction methods are similar to other Irish dry-stone wall forts such as Dun Aengus (Aran Islands) Grianan of Aileach (Burt, co.Donegal) and Staige Fort (Kerry). The fort is now on land belonging to a friendly local farming family who until recent times used it as a walled garden. During the holiday season they have small boats available for hire.

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