One of the finest wedge tombs in the country

The Ballyedmunduff Wedge Tomb is located in the forest on the Glencullen side of the Dublin Mountains. This national monument is considered to be one of the finest examples of a wedge tomb in Ireland. The date of construction is approx c.1700 b.c (during the Bronze Age) and like many other wedge tombs is locally known as the ‘Giant’s Grave’. Wedge tombs are so-called because they narrow (like a wedge) from the entrance to back and would have originally looked like a grass-covered tumulus (similar to a mini Newgrange). The site was excavated in 1945 and small amounts of cremated human bone were found along with grave goods that included Beaker pottery, a polished stone hammer, a polishing stone, and a flint scraper. Following the excavation the monument was rebuilt in the form it appears in today. There is a long stone on the southern side of the monument with seven cup marks on one surface. Some theorists maintain that each of the stones was carefully placed to mirror the Andromeda star constellation.