Daniel O’Connell, The Valley of Holly & A a famous architect

Glencullen House was built in 1800 and was possibly designed by the famous Irish architect, Francis Johnson. The house, along with it’s Doric portico was added to an older farmhouse already positioned in this stunning tree-lined valley which has beautiful views towards Little Sugar Loaf Mountain. Johnson’s other notable works include The GPO in O’Connell Street, Armagh Observatory, The Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle, and Nelsons Pillar on O’Connell Street (before it was bombed!) The house was owned by the FitzSimon family who was of Norman origin and once owned the entire Glencullen estate. They lived here until the early 1900’s when it was sold but was later bought back by Colonel Manners O’Connell FitzSimon in 1953 who lived here until his death in 1985. His ancestor, Daniel O’Connell held the first meeting for the Catholic association in the garden where a large rock still commemorates this event. This area is covered with stone walls similar to those found on the west coast of Ireland due to the abundance of granite. In fact, the area once provided employment for hundreds of stone cutters and quarrymen as it supplied most of the granite for the most important buildings in Dublin. N.B – Access is strictly limited as it is now on private land.