An ancient tomb, Brehon laws, and a Druid’s table

Brehon’s Chair is located in Rathfarnham in south county Dublin. These granite stones were probably used for a number of purposes over the last few thousand years and had astrological, spiritual, religious, and ceremonial importance. In Victorian times many of these monuments were misunderstood and were thought to be used by druids and later by judges to pass laws within the community. Brehon laws were statutes that governed everyday life and politics in Ireland right up until the 17th century. Brehons Chair, however, was originally a passage tomb that may date to 2000-2500 BC. It was probably covered by a large cairn of stones (like a mini Newgrange) and the 2 front stones of this structure were the ‘portal stones’ where cremated bones and grave goods were placed inside. During recent excavations, flint tools were found which confirms its original use. The monument is now located within the grounds of a private gated housing estate.