Palladius was an early Irish missionary and the first bishop of Ireland. He was probably of British or Roman descent and the immediate predecessor to St. Patrick by about 30 years. He was possibly a deacon in Rome or, more likely, in Auxerre, France. Palladius convinced Pope Celestine I to send St. Germanus, bishop of Auxerre, to England with the aim of expunging the Pelagian heresy which was then rampant. Palladius was then consecrated a bishop by the pope who and was sent to preach among the Irish in c.430 a.d. He landed near Wicklow and founded at least three churches in Leinster, but his mission apparently made little impact upon the native population. Palladius departed Ireland and sailed for Scotland, where he preached among the Picts. He died at Fordun, near Aberdeen, a short time after arriving, although there is an unreliable Scottish tradition that he lived among the Picts for more than twenty years.