Recently voted the World’s leading tourist attraction – Riveting stuff

This incredible piece of architecture is Titanic Belfast which was designed by the American born architect Eric Kuhne and built by Harcourt Developments. It takes you on a journey through Belfast’s industrial past and tells the story of the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic. The entire facade is clad in 3000 individual silver anodized aluminum shards which reflect in the pools below like shimmering waves in water. The shape of the building also resembles the hulls of four ships, each standing 90-feet high! The 14,000 sq/m building took three years to complete which is the same length of time as the ship took. It was designed to take up to one million visitors per year and is now Ireland’s second most visited tourist attraction. It has recently been awarded the accolades of Europe’s number one tourist attraction and Ireland’s only ’5* graded experience’. EPIC!