The Blue Light is a gem of a pub that is located 700 feet above sea level and has the finest views from any pub in Dublin. It  can be found in an area called Barnacullia that translates to mean ‘top of the woods’ in Irish. It’s name originates from the story that during the mid 1800’s when the duty officials in Dunlaoghaire Harbour clocked off, a light signal would be sent to this location on the hill. A signal would then be sent back out to the bay using an old blue ships lantern to let sea smugglers know that the ‘coast was clear’ to land illegal booty such as rum, tobacco, wine or brandy. This area has had a long tradition of quarrying, masonery and stone cutting as the local granite has been used to build Dublin’s finest buildings and churches. This is also the only pub in Dublin that still sells turf!

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