A quartz standing stone, Queen Maeve & Beaker pottery

Glencullen Standing Stone is now located on a golf course in the village of Glencullen in south Dublin. Standing stones or ‘menhirs’ are usually difficult to date but it is sometimes possible when a particular type of ‘beaker’ pottery is found underneath them. This one is believed to date to c.1700 b.c and is locally known as Queen Mabh. It stands over 5 feet tall and is made from quartz which was a material thought to have magical properties. These stones were erected over many thousands of years and were part of a larger megalithic culture that flourished throughout Europe and beyond. It is believed that this one was part of a pair and a local story reports that members of a Viking clan played ‘rings’ with them as a game. It’s colour changes at sunset to a golden orange due to refraction in the quartz. Over 10,000 standing stones have been recorded in Ireland and served as boundary markers, burial chambers, sites of ancient ceremonies, or even for human sacrifice!