A heavy weight dolmen hidden in south County Dublin

The Kilternan Dolmen is located in south Dublin near the village of Kilternan. This national monument is believed to have the second heaviest capstone in Ireland (next to the Brownshill Dolmen in Carlow) weighing in at 80 tonnes and measuring 21 X 15 feet. It date of construction dates to between 3500 b.c.- 2500 b.c. The word ‘dolmen’ translates from a Breton word meaning ‘stone table’ and was first used by Victorian antiquarians who thought Druids used these structures for performing rituals. These structures are however much older and are now officially known as ‘portal tombs’. Many portal tombs point east-west for the rising and setting sun, this one, however, points towards Little Sugar Loaf Mountain which was thought to be a sacred place in ancient times. It was recorded that a family took refuge under this capstone during the famine years in the mid-1800s. (Please Note * It is located on a private residence which is only accessed by appointment only).