The Hole in the Wall claims to be the longest pub and has the longest bar counter in Ireland. It was originally a coach house and dates to the mid 1650’s. During these times, merchants, noblemen and servants of the king would travel to the city on horses or by coach and stay overnight at Inn’s this this one. The sign read ‘Ye Signe of Ye Blackhorse’ and came from the fact that in those days inn owners would hang up a picture of an animal, such as a horse, outside their pub instead of a name as only few people could read and so this picture would give this Inn it’s original name. It changed into a tavern in the 18o0’s (a place where people could eat and drink) and as it is located right beside the Phoenix Park where many public speeches were made. This, therefore, became a popular spot and one of the speakers, Daniel O’Connell; even brewed the ale which was sold in the Blackhorse Tavern. Later in the century, the British Army were located in the McKee Barracks in the Phoenix Park between 1891 and 1922, the soldiers would sometimes sneak off and go to the tavern for a pint of beer! The owner of the pub at the time, Levinus Doyle, served the men through a hole in the park wall, and this is why it is called “The Hole in the Wall”.

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